The Benefits of Availing Paralegal Support Services from an LPO

Most people assume paralegal to be another name for lawyers. In reality, they are not lawyers but more like a legal assistant. Paralegal support services as the name suggests are paralegal services provided by legal process outsourcing companies to help and assist legal firms and individual attorneys with their case research, drafting, typing and other such similar jobs. Their legal as well as technical strengths allows them to act as a virtual assistant.

Paralegal Support Services

It is very important to avail the services of highly experienced and reliable legal support service providers as the lawyers may be held guilty for the mistakes or immoral actions made by the paralegal personnel. Let us discuss some of the top benefits of availing paralegal support services from an LPO:

  • Hiring a full time in-house paralegal personnel or a legal associate is very expensive specially for non-legal companies or companies/organizations requiring paralegal help for irregular work or project basis.
  • Legal process outsourcing companies provide paralegals which are proficient, trained, familiar and well experienced with various areas of law such as Bankruptcy cases, Corporate Law, Business Law, Collections, Personal Injures, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Immigration Law, Real Estate, Criminal Law, Foreclosures, etc.
  • Expert and experienced paralegals provided by LPO’s are highly accurate and quick in their work as they are trained in various practice areas and have an extensive knowledge about the law, the legal system and how it works.
  • By availing paralegal support services, solicitors can focus on their core work without worrying about tasks like drafting legal documents like letters and summons, etc. , proofreading legal documents, researching for case presentation, finding background information, summarizing depositions, organizing the records, etc.
  • Laws firms and legal personnel are usually handling several cases/clients simultaneously and research work takes a major portion of their time. Hiring a paralegal from legal support service providers can save litigators a lot of time and efforts.
  • Another vital advantage of hiring a paralegal is that they can be hired on an hourly basis, per project and for drafting and proofreading work on a per page basis also.
  • Professional paralegals are very fast and efficient in their work. Legal outsourcing companies have in-house databases, latest tools and techniques as well as a pool of sources at the disposal of paralegal personnel so that the client’s work can be done in the fastest turn-around time.
  • Most importantly availing specialized paralegal support services gives legal as well as non-legal firms and individuals time to invest on other core and productive areas.

Legal Outsourcing Company and their useful features for us

Deposition summaries are one of the most valuable tools for attorney can have in litigation, case and time management. It is a very useful for the litigation procedure. A case can be made or can be broken if a small portion of the summary is left overlooked from the deposition testimony.

When the unimportant information is being deleted from the deposition transcripts, an easy reference to the substantive testimony is provided. The Deposition Summary Services offer summaries written in complete proper sentences. There are no contractions and abbreviations, along with the page/line places, subject headings and a table of content being comprised.

These summaries are used in various companies like the medical malpractice, construction to employment, patent infringement, civil cases, personal injury, insurance, breach of contract, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, trusts and estates, and the intellectual property. Litigation proficiency as well as strong English writing skills is required to deliver high value deposition services. The evidences can range up to 100s of pages.

The precise testimony of the witnesses which includes all the facts and questions that result from the interrogations that are not conducted in courts and have been transpired during deposition are counted in a deposition transcription. In context of the lawyers and the litigators the depositions act as direct pre-trial evidence for harnessing in magistrates. Brief depositions is suitable to get drafted and requires only the general understanding of the most immediate material facts ensued at the time of statement.

In terms of the volume of information, these summaries hardly exceed five pages. They usually range between two and three. Definitely the depositions summaries need no greater knowledge apart from the general ability to brief, read and simplify materials in the most concise way possible.

Even if the deposition testimonies are summarized organizing them can be a burdensome, time consuming and confusing task. It holds true especially in large cases. The key points, categories, the bullet points and the detailed topics from all the testimonies are provided by the deposition summaries. These are generally given by witnesses on a particular subject. This is also a great tool for the preparation of the trials and brief writing.

However, the turnaround time and the cost of deposition digesting, deposition summaries, and the transcription keeps on varying depending upon the scope, size and urgency of the project given by the customer. The perfect summaries are the ones that keeps in pace with the requirements and demands of the clients. The accurately deposited summaries are the ones that stand well in all cases.

By the coding of documents the true value of the various papers can be brought out. The legal outsourcing company offers you source information capture services, subjective coding, etc. Appropriate content gets easy to be identified and captured from a set of records through coding. A well coded document is the one that comprises of generated fields in a database that assists with indexing significant information about the text.


All the organizations whether legal or medical are moving towards making use of the deposition summaries. Getting such services outsourced is the best way to save your time and efforts and getting focused on the core areas as well.

Ways Through Which You Can Manage Your Legal Tasks

Lease Abstraction Services Have Made Tasks Easier

Leases are best understood as an agreement that the land lord prepares on paper. The parties involved then sign the lease. It involves two or more parties. Generally speaking, they talk of a piece of land that the property owner decides to give out on rent. Hence the owner of the property prepares the lease and the two parties thus sign it. Here, both the parties agree upon certain standards and terms and the tenant pays some amount of rent, which is all decided in the lease paper.

Properties that involve more than one tenant have leases that are hundreds of pages long. Here it becomes very difficult to go through the complete lease/ rent form as per when the situation demands. The lease abstraction services read and summarize the leases, to make them simpler.

The property owner can add or decrease multiple terms from the lease document that are in favor of the owner or the tenant. These special terms may range from anything beginning from the renewal rate options and adjusting the extra and unused space of the property that has been left over. Adding or removing such terms can greatly affect the overall value of the property. Lease abstraction affects the property on quantitative as well as qualitative grounds. Once the manager receives all the necessary documents from the client, the process goes through organizing, reading and highlighting the complete information.

This marks the end of the abstraction process. Here in the last step the manager goes through the complete lease and checks it for any possible errors. Thereafter the manager delivers all the files to the clients. This stands similar to the contract abstraction, wherein the lawyer reads huge chunks of contracts, and thus prepares it easily. This is basically done to avoid any possible mistakes in the contract and so that the company does not signs any unfavorable contracts.

Contracts too can involve two or more parties that join hands to carry a step forward. The lawyer prepares all such things legally and then he presents them before the law. In cases where the multinational companies and the consultancy firms find hard accomplishing their set goals, the services of contract abstraction helps in going through the contracts in much less time, and thus meeting all the deadlines and targets for the clients and other accomplishments.

Have Access to Complete Summaries through Deposition

Similar are the deposition summaries that give complete and written summaries. The lawyers are now considering it as the most valuable tool that an attorney can get. Such summaries include no abbreviations and no contractions. Deposition summaries can only be written by a person who pursues strong writing skills in English and a good command over litigation. They do not have any basic limit set, and can range up to 100s of pages.

The deposition summaries are very helpful in solving the many cases and are supportive for the complete litigation process. Ignoring even a small part of the deposition summary may make or break the entire case. You gain an easy reference to the substantive testimony once you cut all the extraneous and unwanted materials from the deposition transcripts.


The process of abstraction is very helpful in managing all sorts of intricate tasks and meeting all the set deadlines and targets.

Is it really important to hire Legal research Services?

Legal research is the basic need of any legal activity of legal firm. This can be a contract or some issue related to litigation. Being the legal research company you need to be conducted in depth to strengthen the whole contract. Making an in depth understanding of the company, the legal research services tend to offer whatever your association requirements.


It is the best way to search out the core issues of the concerning legal issues and thereafter performing the necessary researches of case laws and the statutes. As a result, this turn provides you in depth understanding and hence the claims against you can be protected. Even, you can also be supported in instituting. Thus, getting help from the legal research firms is helpful for the large businesses in getting the legal research done.

When it comes to issues like a legal advice, a matter related to drafting an agreement and legal research stands mandatory for all such issues and is essential everywhere. The root of legal research includes the identification of the issue of the identification, dispute and the collection of applicable case laws, identification of the other applicable legal reviews and the legal articles, etc. Identifying the non-legal sources from where the relevant information can be found, analysis of the collected information and arriving at a conclusion.

A person wants to start a new business would require legal research for determining the applicable legislation which would govern the functioning of the business. In case of a litigation matter legal research is required for stages. As many stay dependent on the single line of the legal opinion that are given by the in house counsel, consequently the in house councils should have the legal research done in almost all the legal issues.

Know Your Contracts Can Be Managed Effectively

When the contracts have been signed, managing those stands next. With the contract management services the services essential for the contracts to be managed effectively are facilitated. This is how contracts are executed effectively. The highly trained and the well paid lawyers should not spend the bulk of their time doing the complex works. Using the contracts in a well manner helps making use of them at times of requirement.

ImageMany big companies and the real estate companies have large bulk of agreements, records and judgments stored in their records. But, flipping through volumes of pages at the last minute can be a tiresome job hence the fixed deadlines and the contracts cannot be met. There are the legal writers for attorneys who help putting in the contracts in the best possible way for future use.

Even there are the records of medical nature that require to be reviewed preserved and carefully. This is managed by the medical records review in which the records of the patients are analyzed carefully. This is required so that the records can be held carefully for any further use.

Summary: This article is explaining you the need of Legal research Services for your business. It would be difficult for you to solve legal issues without taking help from any legal services. This will also help you in finding new laws and related legal issues.

See how easily you get your legal issues resolve with the help of Legal Research Services

Legal research is mainly the process that helps businesses in dealing with their legal issues. Legal Research is mainly recovering and maintaining the data which would help you in taking right decisions related to legal activities. A large number of organizations are getting benefitted by hiring these Legal Research Services. This process is also known as LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing).

ImageLegal research needs to be done the well-qualified lawyers and attorneys when preparing for hiring litigation services. This process is also a part of the legal duties that the attorney offers to their client. Feasible law references are taken and citations to statutes and various other similar cases should be combined in briefs that are presented in court. This kind of research is often very time consuming and irritating. Professional Legal Research Services provides expert services to lawyers and law firms.

These services provide all types of legal services including litigation support services besides legal research. You can outsource your legal services to these professionals either domestically or by outsourcing your work to other countries. The point that should be kept in mind is that lawyers from Asian countries who perform actual legal research jobs both online and offline make themselves experts with the laws of other countries like USA, UK from where the legal work is outsourced.

These services ensure that the final document is accurate, highly reliable, and affordable. They offer you the best turnaround time in the market. Asian countries like India have educated legal professional manpower and they offer you legal research services with 99.99% accuracy. This is the main reason why people run to outsource their services to India because the employees are well-educated and well-trained and the services are available at cheaper prices.

Know How Attorneys are Simplifying their Tasks

Get to the Core of Your Legal Issues through Research

Legal research requires well-reasoned and comprehensive writings. Lawyers and advocates from all over the world are choosing the legal research services for getting to the core of an issue, and to gain a clear understanding of the complete situation for finding appropriate solutions. Such services have been into implementation since past many years, and are being used in all spheres of law.

Legal research is conducted uniformly across all law firms, no matter it is for shipping law, or a company law. It is one of the most important tasks that help lawyers give fruitful solutions to their clients, and thus win over the court cases. It helps understanding the particular rights of a person, and the ways through which he/she can protect their rights. Today’s scenario is seeing a considerable increase in legal matters, and we can see people of all business encountering problems related to law. Thus, legal research is like the first step which is taken in this direction.

All legal issues are laid on the basic foundation of legal research, be it litigation, or contract drafting. Attorneys frame legal decisions and arrive at a conclusion through the legal research services. Thus, we can say that research is what supports the decisions of advocates. It helps in the identification of issues and sees that the regulations that govern those issues are accurately reached.

Research is the source of referring to the case laws, and analyzing the current status of the complete case. Thus, it is the process of recognizing and collecting all the significant legal data, and lays the foundation of expert legal advices that are given by the lawyers.

Why Has Research Become A Mandatory Part of Law Organizations?

It is hard to find even a single area where one does not require legal research. It has been accepted as the crux of all sorts of legal solutions. Even if a person is aiming to start a new business, he would require legal research for determining the legislations that would be applicable for governing the functions of the business.

It helps identifying the records that are essential to maintain in order to ensure proper functioning of the business. Litigation matters also need such services from the start till the matter gets resolved. Thus we can say that legal research is required for knowing about all the mandatory clauses.

Important areas that are covered by such services are:

  • Identifying the issue of dispute
  • Analyzing and collecting the legislations that are applicable
  • Analyzing and collecting the case laws that are applicable
  • Identifying the other important legal articles and reviews that are applicable
  • Analyzing the non-legal sources of obtaining important information
  • Analyzing all the collected data
  • Arriving at a just conclusion

Law firms also need deposition summaries for getting the correct solutions for their legal issues. Summaries are prepared by various individuals who are trained in forming summaries for issues. Such individuals are being hired by the law firms through a number of legal process outsourcing companies.


Legal cases have grown by leaps and bounds in the current scenario. With such rise in legal tasks, lawyers and advocates are opting for services like deposition summaries and legal research for solving their issues.

Paralegals- An Important Part of the Law Firms

Services Easing the Task of Lawyers

Legal matters are growing in number among the local institutions, state, and the federal agencies. Legal departments are handing chunks of legal cases every day. These firms face a number of challenges that count case loads, pending backlog of files, deep budget cuts, hiring freezes, inadequate staff, etc. Unfortunately such workloads are making a deep effect on the legal departments.

This workload multiplies when the staff goes on leave. The conclusion is growing workload and not enough people to handle it. One should always take care of the fact that legal tasks if hampered, can lead to hazardous results. Lawyers and advocates face failure when they lose court cases. There is a strong need to manage tasks, and put priorities in front, so that deadlines can be reached through successful accomplishment of projects and cases.

Most organizations are opting ways to distribute work as per the hierarchy and try their best to bring the best out of their tasks. The paralegal support services are helping agencies that are making attempts to maintain the workflow and meet the running deadlines. Working with a proficient paralegal ensures that you get over the challenges of your work.

Attorneys and legal firms are struggling hard to increase their profits, and maximize their time to accomplish the pending tasks. For such needs, they are turning towards paralegal support services. It provides you with high quality support and lets you get through your work, no matter you are a large firm, or a solo practitioner. The level of support you get may be occasional, regular, project based, etc.

Areas Covered By the Paralegals

Paralegal support services help attorneys with their legal memorandums, discoveries, briefs, pleadings, case management, bankruptcy petitions, and other such services. One can clearly see the paralegals as the fastest growing group in the legal profession. Plenty of firms in England are outnumbering solicitors as paralegals.

The role of paralegals may undergo changes as per the requirement of the firms. These are determined by the level of expertise of an individual, and also by the nature of work which an employer carries.

Main tasks of paralegals involve:

  • Advising individuals who have suffered some kind of personal injuries
  • Offer advises to companies and insurers who are being sued in cases of personal injury
  • Recover debts for organizations and individuals
  • Resolve organizational disputes through the use of legal processes
  • Help people in selling and buying properties
  • Deal with individuals and prepare wills after death

Legal typing serviceare also gaining importance among the law firms as they help in typing and transcription of the routine correspondences, minutes of meetings, notes, and other such items that are dictated by the lawyers. Such services are mostly demanded by lawyers, police, court proceedings, solicitors, attorneys, and others.

Legal transcripts include legal medico reports, pace tapes, statements of witnesses, minutes, advice, draftsman bills, court proceedings, counsel instructions, affidavits, land registry applications, particulars of claim, leases, wills, contracts, tribunals, bankruptcies, disciplinary hearings, panel hearings, and so on.


Legal firms are getting over loaded with more and more legal tasks, and here the paralegal support services are helping them reach their deadlines and accomplish tasks effectively.